Advantages and Applications of Microsoft Dynamic CRM

23 June, 2019 by sbbt in Finance

Microsoft dynamic CRM is business software designed to manage business in an efficient way. Basically Microsoft Dynamic CRM is designed to assist customers and increase sales. This can be used alone or in combination with other Microsoft software. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is available in 4 versions and the latest version is launched on February 2011 with many latest features like

1. Improved configuration reporting and BI.
2. Enhanced data import tools and de-duplication capacity.
3. Improvised entity relationships.
4. Improvised programming like web services, unified event model etc.
5. Incorporation of inquiry user license
6. Multi tenancy
7. Multi currency
8. Multi lingual
9. Cloud computing with online services
10. Integration support

These are a few features that one can find in the advanced version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0. With that being said let us just look at some of the advantages.

• It enables to track current status of a project
• keep track of schedules; be it for a meeting or project release
• Resource allocation
• Tracks project status
• Identifies current issues
• Business development
• Effective management strategies via tools such as marketing campaign management, response tracking etc., will help in the growth of your business
• Personalization features like record tracking, reminders of business schedules helps you in making timely decisions
• Collaborative features like real-time communication tools, document management etc., acts as another highlight of Dynamic CRM.
• Another important advantage is that this web CRM utilizes native MS outlook for managing customer's information, mails and other important documents. So, those who are good at MS office can adapt this technology very quickly.

Furthermore, this application finds use in both government and private sectors including industries, IT sector, hospitals and other health care providers, social service etc. For instance, it finds use in professional services like it, legal, advertisement, accounting, engineering, real estate and other service industry. Dynamic CRM finds application in each and every stage like project management, resource management and customer management.

During project development stage CRM can be used for delivering the real-time views of the client to the employees and to track their activities, tasks, expenditure and associate them with specific project details. Project managers can also have an idea about the status and activities going on at a glance. This web CRM can also be used for simplifying the schedule of both people and resources. Last but not the least; Dynamic CRM can also be used for building strong customer relationships.

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