How to delete a Dynamics 365 for Operations Environment

This document details the steps to de-allocate and delete a Dynamica 365 for Operations Environment from within Lifecycle Services. Please follow the steps below to achieve this:

  1. Login to the focal environment and check online users (System Administration>Online Users) to see if any users is currently in the
  2. Broadcast a message to the online users.broad-cast-a-message-to-online-users
    1. Select “Message Online Users” as shown above
    2. Select “Broadcast a message for downtime” as the ‘Change type’broadcast-type
    3. Enter the time the time that the message is valid until (which is up to the point servicing starts).message-down-time-parameters
    4. Select “Post” to send the message:post
    5. Then select “Yes” if it is certain that the message must be sentconfirmation-of-sending-the-message
    6. A message will then appear stating successful completionmessage-successfully-sent


  1. Stop the environment in LCSstop-the-environment
  2. Once the environment has successfully stopped select “Deallocate” (trash bin icon)deallocate-environment
  3. Select Delete (trash icon)delete-the-environment
  4. Enter the name of the environment that you wish to delete in the pop-up window.
  5. When the user goes back to the project the environment will be marked for deletion.

After a whilst the project shall be deleted.