Project Hierarchies

Sometimes having one large project becomes to big too handle and it is more feasible to have a key project with sub projects feeding in to it.

Having subprojects allows you to have a structure that also represents the separate initiatives within and where projects have to be financially accounted separately (e.g. invoicing on subprojects feeding into the main project may be accounted by a different department.

You can combine all project types in to a hierarchy and you are able to add more subprojects as the project advances. You can change the project hierarchy properties by going to Project Management and Accounting>Common>Projects>All Projects then select the focal project and open up the main form:


Select the Project Hierarchy fast tab:


Here you can change the Project Hierarchy properties for this particular project.

Below outlines what the fields are and what they will be use for:

  • Subproject ID format: This tells AX how the subproject should be named, as in what format should be given (the numeric sequence(##= 2 digits e.g. ‘Projectname-01’). However, this can be done by default- this is specified from the Project Management and Accounting Parameters form. The format will then be suffixed to the end of the Main project code- this show union.